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Patches – Little but Meaningfull

The last few patches since the introduction of Battle Pass have not really been content heavy but we do have some fixes for Battle Pass and other general issues. Again this looks good for the future of Rift. We hope to see some real content coming soon, but do know that the developer team has priorities! 

Easy TD and Azranel Overview

Some new raid guides here: First Boss in BoS, Azranel, overview is covered in our Azranel Guide. This outlines abilities used, when to use them and what each role should be watching out for and dealing with. A  TD Easy Guide was also put up for new players who have never run it and want an overview.

Live – Rift Battle Pass 

On April 11, 2019 an update to Rift introduced the Battle Pass live to the shards. The Battle Pass is  ….read more about this. [9 Apr 19]



Catch Up!

Pyromancer  (Base)
ChloroChon Variants
Archon Variants
Vulc/PL [21-18] 
Molten/Fury Blast
Nightblade (Raid)
Marksman (Raid)
Bofors Build

Updates From Us

OP-NEWS: 25 March: Pay to Win Backlash Everyone was very excited about new content and the release of a brand new dungeon …read more about this….

  Our BountyTracker may be downloaded as a beta. it still needs your help! Download, install, test and leave feedback at on the addon page to help everyone.  In addition we are also working on an addon with a drop down list that allows item use.

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. We attempt to do the best we can. These guides may not cover everything at a 100 percent level. For example, class guides may not be the perfect build and rotation. If you are at the level where you can be a top .001% player then no guide out there will help you a ton. We put these up to help and to spread information. The class guides that we have here are tested and posted in such a manner that many players find them easier to understand. A lot of people will will not, they absolutely refuse, to visit the forums because of past experiences. We attempt to close a gap and help out.

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