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Armed with animal spirits, two-handed weapons, and the forces of Fury and Cunning, you’ll walk the line between control and chaos while stalking titanic prey. The twin poles of Fury and Cunning lie at the heart of the Primalist Calling.  Dedicated primalists will need to find harmony between the two, balancing abilities that will push them toward one extreme or the other. Where the Primalist falls on the continuum will change their abilities, skills, and more.

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Soul and Guide Overview: All Primalist Souls

Primalist Guides Overview

Primalist was added in patch 3.4 as a new class that is obtained through the Rift Store now.

Notes Top Primalist Builds
The top damage specs for Primalist since 4.0 in Rift are all based around the synergy of Molten Wave – Fury Blast specs and the rotation that goes with it. If you are able to master this concept then all of the top specs are within your reach. This is not very difficult to do and there is an easier version of it if you do not wish to min-max it. We have provided a guide for this to help you understand exactly what you are doing .

The top spec that we have see is a Primal Lord 28 – Vulcanist 9 – Berserker 2 although the damage can actually vary based on the gear you have from spec to spec. The eternal weights on many of these weapons cause so many things to change when upgraded it becomes hard to track.

Primalists are also known for there tanking abilities as they get a generous amount of hit points and there abilities are almost unmatched.

  1. Primal Lord 28 – Vulcanist 9 – Berserker 2 (Offical Forums Guide)– A melee based spec that uses both Fury and Cunning unlike many of the popular specs. It also has more than three buttons so this may not be for everyone, but we think you have it in you to get the highest damage available to Primalist!
  2. Primal Lord – Vulcanist – Maelstrom Aka 21-18 Build This is currently the top ranged damage dealing build for most Primalist. It has  high single target damage and a 1 minute cleave beacon that can be used if there are occasional adds.
  3. Vulcanist – Primal Lord – Maelstrom  A similar build to our top 21-18 build but has a higher burst in the beginning, eventually settling down and coming in lower.
  4. Mystic – Primal Lord – Vulcanist When you have an Archon in your group and want the additional buffs that can stack with Archon you can use this build which also does great damage.


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Soul and Guide Overview

Berserker: Melee Area Damage (AoE)    Rift Store
Leaving a wake of dead in their path, Berserkers slake their thirst for battle by rending foes in two with cleaving strikes.

Leveling – Low/Average
Endgame Solo – Average
PvP – Average
Raiding – Medium/high
Dervish – Ranged Single Target Damage Rift Store

Swift as the wind, Dervishes excel in face-to-face combat. They make full use of both Fury and Cunning, swinging effortlessly between powers unlocked at each extreme.


Leveling – High
Endgame Solo – Low
PvP – Average
Raiding – High
Farseer – Raid Healer Rift Store

Reading the flow of fate and bending the very thread of time, the Farseer heals the wounds of all who are under their watchful eye. Communing with the spirits laugh in the great flow lets them amplify their power considerably averting the worst of fates.

Leveling – Average
Endgame Solo – Average
PvP – Medium
Raiding – Low
Mystic: Support Rift Store
The spirits of the wilds are no stranger to a Primalist, but a Mystic shares a special bound with them., allowing them to share their gifts with allies. Grace of he wind and ferocity of the beasts, all are at the disposal of the Mystic and their allies.


  • Mystic – Dervish-Maelstrom  A Damage and support that sacrifices some buffs for doing damage. This is not the highest damage but is most likely the easiest.
  • Mystic – Primal Lord – Vulcanist When you have an Archon in your group and want the additional buffs that can stack with Archon you can use this build which also does great damage.
Leveling – Medium/High
Endgame Solo – Low
PvP – Medium
Raiding – Medium
Predator – Melee Single Target Damage Rift Store
A silent ghost, waiting to pounce. the predator stalks their prey before unleashing a flurry of brutal fire and death. Melding with there surroundings, they can strike instantly and with incredible force.

Leveling – High
Endgame Solo – Low
Player vs. Player – Low
Raiding – High
Preserver: Single Target Healer Rift Store
Preservers channel Fae healing magic to nourish allies in need, amassing and expending stored energies to unleash empowered spells one after the next. Leveling – High
Endgame Solo – High
PvP- High
Raiding – High
Primal Lord – Melee Single Target Damage Rift Store
A deep and profound connection to the spirit of the wilds gives the Primal lord the ability to commune with beasts and there ken without words. Calling them to your aid and destroying foes with a barrage of bestial compaions is a hallmark of a Primal Lord.

High Dependency on Primal Lord

Leveling – Low
Endgame Solo – Low
PvP – Low
Raiding – High
Titan: Tank Rift Store
Much like the giants of myth, Titans use Fury and Cunning to withstand immense damage and preempt incoming attacks.

Titan – Berserker – Maelstrom

Leveling – High
Endgame Solo – Low
PvP – Low
Raiding – High
Typhoon: Ranged Area of Effect(AoE) Damage Rift Store
The Typhoon uses sweeping attacks to assail entire groups of foes, rotating between Water and Air to build and unleash a wave of devastating attacks. Leveling – High
Endgame Solo – Low
PvP – Low
Raiding – High
Vulcanist – Ranged Single Target Damage Rift Store
The Vulcanist harnesses the power of Earth and Fire. Building fury with earth based attacks and unleashing a molten wave of fiery destruction.

Vulcanist – Primal Lord – Maelstrom

Molten Wave – Fury Blast Specs

Leveling – Medium
Endgame Solo – Medium
PvP – Medium
Raiding – High


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