Most Wanted Bounties: Storm Legion

 Most Wanted Bounties: Storm Legion Edition

For Original Zones see Mathosian Edition.

Contents of This Guide 

Part 1:  Recap and Grabbing Bounty

Note about Work in Progress

  1. Mathosian Edition Reference and Recap
  2. Taking Fewer Shard Hops
  3. Macros: Targeting the Wanted
  4. Timers and Spawn Tables

Part 2: Most Wanted Locations

  1. Storm Legion Macros
  2. Ardent Domain
  3. Ashora
  4. Cape Jule
  5. City Core
  6. Dendrome
  7. Eastern Holdings
  8. Kingdom of Pelladane
  9. Kingsward
  10. Morban
  11. Seratos
  12. Steppes of Infinity
 “New Most Wanted lists are in! Keep your eyes peeled for convicts that escaped from the Flatyard!”

Most Wanted are monsters that spawn throughout Telara. They have escaped from the Flat Yard, a prison for vile monsters who have been captured. When you slay one of these enemies they drop an artifact you can collect. Once collecting five of these, three epic and two relic, they may be turned in for rewards in Tempest Bay. These same artifact sets may also be collected from defeating enemies in PvP. There are 153 total bounty sets to collect.

Appendixes: More Information

Other Parts and Postings

Part :  Recap and Grabbing Bounty      Part 2: Most Wanted Locations     Appendixes: More Information

Part 1:  Recap and Grabbing Bounty


Warning! Warning!

    The vanilla zones in Rift  had a much more reliable set of of spawn circumstances as well as the specific spawn points were much easier to find . This is not the same case with the Storm Legion zones. The zones are much bigger, the spawns seem unreliable and it is harder to distinguish any sort of real patterns that are consistent.

    The Most Wanted here are of a higher caliber, and have sought out solace in more menacing lands. The respawn timers vary possibly with populations on shards. The monsters often roam around rather than hanging out in one place making going to one specific spot and spamming a macro almost a fruitless exercise. It will take much more tenacity and willpower to bring these monsters to justice here.

    In other words we have not been able to to figure out correct conditions to find these, aside from locations and general times.  It is only being displayed at the current time in this state to share information about the what is already known about the Storm Legion Most Wanted Monsters and to hopefully, as soon as possible, find more information about them such as spawn tables, respawn timers and other conditions.

Update:It seems that most of these do not tend to roam as much, or if at all as they used to. Everyone found in the past couple of months has been static, at the exact positions shown. We tend to believe that each zone has 8 spawn locations, and are working on finding them.


1. Mathosian Edition Reference and Recap

This is the second part in a two part series covering bounty artifacts and the Most Wanted Monster they drop from in Rift.  The first part, Most Wanted And Bounty Artifacts, Mathosian Ed,covered many of the topics that first time bounty hunters would have such as:

  • ..what is a bounty artifact?
  • ..what is a Most Wanted Mob?
  • ..where can I find a Most Wanted Monster and how do I identify it?
  • ..what are the rewards for these?
  • can I catch one?

     If you have any of these questions, please refer to the first guide Sections 1-3. The original zones released with Rift and Ember Island are covered in the Mathosian Edition of this guide. There spawn points, tables and times as well as anything else we currently know about them.

     Part two of the first guide covers Mathosian Zones Most Wanted Locations. The rest of this guide covers the Storm Legion Zones and what we know about the locations. While we have tried our best to get as many as possible, this list is surely not complete. If you have any information please contact us and let us know so ot can be shared.


2. Taking Fewer Shard Hops

      In the original zones there were 8 spawns per group. Checking 8 by 7 shards means that there were 56 total locations to check for one group that a possible 7 would be in. As you find one on a shard, unless you are going very slow, you can skip going back to that shard later on. An excel file or Google Sheet is handy to keep track of what shards you have already checked or found Wanted Monsters on.

      This is what a sample version would look like. Notice there is a check box and next to it a blank space, as seen in the picture to the right. This shows a portion of it, the zones through Scarlet Gorge. As you can see we have already checked off Stonefield and Gloamwood because they have all been killed and we saved the time so we would know when the Time of Death (ToD) was. This is not as important with less people camping now but it is a good practice when camping highly competitive monsters. With a ToD and a respawn timer you know exactly when or at what time it is eligible to pop.

3 Macros: Targeting the Wanted
    To facilitate locating a Most Wanted enemy it is helpful to have a macro that will automatically target any close to you.  This macro, unlike the ones for the original zones, have all been combined into one macro because all of these mobs can spawn in any of the Storm Legion zones.

    Remember to check around the area where the locations for these are listed below as some of these do path around.
    There is also an addon that has been built from a rare tracker addon  It may need to be updated from a file.If you use this please understand that not all the locations it has are accurate at all, but it can be useful.
Storm Legion Most Wanted Targeting Macro

targetexact Augh-ech
targetexact Ia’raki
targetexact Ildtai
targetexact Imaw
targetexact Isyer the Thuderer
targetexact Kitty the Souldrinker
targetexact Lortas
targetexact Ogaro
targetexact Rak’say the Demolisher
targetexact Ruawbur
targetexact Shallows
targetexact Shyuang the Icestorm
targetexact Tor’garo
targetexact Uskghao the Fleshmelder
targetexact Ydogo The Outcast


4. Timers and Spawn Tables

     I can almost say with certainty that this is a very sore and horrible subject to approach, especially with anyone trying to collect the last bit of bounties. From sources there has been reports that respawns can depend on the population of the shard, though with Storm Legion being several expansions old and the amount of people you see in the zones, I highly doubt it. If this is true it is a shame. 

All the personal searching that any of us have done have not verified down any real respawns or tables they belong to. Again,  research has shown in the past that it was believed to be one most wanted per continent, Dusken or Brevane. Regardless, they are painfully slow to find and get the artifacts from. 

Part 2: Most Wanted Locations

♦ next to a location indicates that I have personally verified this is a good location. All others have been verified by other hunters.

Part :  Recap and Grabbing Bounty      Part 2: Most Wanted Locations     Appendixes: More Information

Ardent Domain (5 Locations)

1. Soros Estate ♦
/setwaypoint 5287, 9677

2. Cassana Estate No. 
/setwaypoint 5665, 10200

3. Auditorium Carnos ♦
/setwaypoint 5460, 10400

4. Cassana Estate No. 
/setwaypoint 5900, 10940

 5. Cassana Estate No.♦
/setwaypoint 6315, 10210

6. Not Shown Witches Thicket
/setwaypoint 6230 9767


Ashora (7 Locations)

1. Tomb of the Consort
/setwaypoint 1667, 7390

2. Valley of Iron
/setwaypoint 1920, 6820

3. Akelthix
/setwaypoint 2320, 8080

4. Arjuros ♦
/setwaypoint 2910, 6450

5. Vizeya
/setwaypoint 2992, 7721

6. Karthan Stockade♦
/setwaypoint 4590, 6950

7. Kelthenas Basin
/setwaypoint 4920, 6390


Cape Jule (5 Locations)

1. Cliffside Vale
/setwaypoint 7390 10430

2. Cliffside Vale
/setwaypoint 7783 10583

3. Scoria Pit
/setwaypoint 8250 11300

4. Tulan
/setwaypoint 8410 11900

5. Edgestone Ridge
/setwaypoint 8500 10580


City Core (5 Locations)

1. Aqueduct
/setwaypoint 7062 8312

2. Citizens Library
/setwaypoint 6933 8795

3 Kings Corridor
/setwaypoint 6730 9075

4 Expedition Camp
/setwaypoint 6928 9266

5 Citizens Library ♦
/setwaypoint 7135 9265



The Dendrome (5 Locations)

1. Hive Az’Gzez

/setwaypoint 2422, 41222. Dazeez Wastes
/setwaypoint 3994, 4235  3. Greenscales Crater (One)
/setwaypoint 4425 4138 4. Greenscales Crater (Two)
/setwaypoint 4450, 45605. Shok Forest
/setwaypoint 4490, 5110


Eastern Holdings (7 Locations)

1. Avendrus Estate
/setwaypoint 7520, 9100

2. Resevoir♦
/setwaypoint 7540, 8320

3. Resevoir No. 2
/setwaypoint 8040, 8650

4, West Commons
/setwaypoint 8175, 8650

5. Arkella Estate♦
/setwaypoint 8593, 8972

6. Strozza Estate No. 1
/setwaypoint 8678, 8441

7 Strozza Estate No. 2 
/setwaypoint 8770, 7530


Kingdom of Pelladane (7 Locations)
1. Aurora Maelstrom 

/setwaypoint 6930, 5170

2. Glacio Mountain ♦
/setwaypoint 7340, 4330

3. Ferric Harbor 
/setwaypoint 7400, 5850

4. Cirkbo Plains ♦
/setwaypoint 7430, 5050

5. Dolcega Valley ♦
/setwaypoint 7920, 4885

6. Thunder Hills ♦
/setwaypoint 8130, 5040

7. Ferric Harbor ♦
/setwaypoint 8025, 6193


Kingsward (8 Locations)

1. The Breach
/setwaypoint 4260, 8530

2. Menagerie ♦
/setwaypoint 4790, 9040

3. The Academy
/setwaypoint 5050, 8085

4. Korolis Valley
/setwaypoint 5790, 7470
5. The Armory
/setwaypoint 6250, 8040

6. Juroata Lakes
/setwaypoint 6442, 8673

7. Arakhosian Hinterlands ♦
/setwaypoint 6670, 8010 6690 7770

8. Arakhosian Hinterlands (2) ♦
/setwaypoint 6670, 8010


Morban (6 Locations)
1. Black Strand
/setwaypoint 12544 70052. Forest of Flesh
/setwaypoint 13180 5430

3. Dead Pass
/setwaypoint 13250 6775

4 Black Strand
/setwaypoint 13290 7230

5 Stormhold
/setwaypoint 14000 7560

6. Stormhold
/setwaypoint 14230 7360


Seratos (4 Locations)

1. Behemoth Graveyard
/setwaypoint 10027, 3349

2. The Eternal Assault  ♦
/setwaypoint 10630, 5347

3. Fetid Plains  ♦
/setwaypoint 11628, 4462

4. The Pus Swamp
/setwaypoint 11630, 6070



Steppes of Infinity (4 Locations)
1 Camp Skyburst

/setwaypoint 14775, 8810

2 Fort Antapo

/setwaypoint 15340, 7900

3. Vengeful Sky (#1) ♦

/setwaypoint 16300, 6050

4. Vengeful Sky (#2)

/setwaypoint 16430, 5440

Part :  Recap and Grabbing Bounty      Part 2: Most Wanted Locations     Appendixes: More Information

Appendixes: More For Investigators


Appendix A: Most Wanted Mobs
Beatrice19HagFreemarch, Silverwood
Bloody Fang19WolfFreemarch, Silverwood
Feol19Lizard Freemarch, Silverwood
Gnawer19RatFreemarch, Silverwood
Kelo19Frog Freemarch, Silverwood
Oolo19Owl Freemarch, Silverwood
Retorius19TreantFreemarch, Silverwood
Reziar19HorseFreemarch, Silverwood
Squidget19Squirrel Freemarch, Silverwood
The Claw19Crab Freemarch, Silverwood
The Ravenous Desolator19Deer Freemarch, Silverwood
The Seductress19FairyFreemarch, Silverwood
Tod19FoxFreemarch, Silverwood
Bessie27CowStonefield, Gloamwood
Deathlight27Corpse CandleStonefield, Gloamwood
Eialos27ManticoreStonefield, Gloamwood
Eye Gouger27CockatriceStonefield, Gloamwood
Gore Ripper27BloodstrutterStonefield, Gloamwood
Grunk27Mountain TrollStonefield, Gloamwood
Harbinger of Regulos27BunnyStonefield, Gloamwood
Ieasis27BatStonefield, Gloamwood
Packmaster Vrexis27KoboldStonefield, Gloamwood
Queen Ia27AntStonefield, Gloamwood
Skyslayer27RocStonefield, Gloamwood
Stonegaze27BasiliskStonefield, Gloamwood
Tewop27Forest TrollStonefield, Gloamwood
Yedisth27SnakeStonefield, Gloamwood
Baroness Maelifica30Vampire?Scarlet Gorge
Carrion30ScarabScarlet Gorge
Char30Fire ElementalScarlet Gorge
Drone 57630VespidScarlet Gorge
Fluffy, Destroyer of Worlds30WerewolfScarlet Gorge
King Ruioa30TroglodyteScarlet Gorge
Ojin'ali30Tarrasque?Scarlet Gorge
Qialis30ScorpionScarlet Gorge
Rifak30TitanScarlet Gorge
Rot Claw30VharScarlet Gorge
Sand Stalker30GnarScarlet Gorge
Serial Number 53230GolemScarlet Gorge
Ternios30GravemakerScarlet Gorge
The Soul of Darkness30Umbral?Scarlet Gorge
Uilis30GargoyleScarlet Gorge
Windscale30Flying SerpentScarlet Gorge
Akimo35Will-o-wispScarwood Reach
Amalgam35Flesh GolemIPP, Moonshade, Druoghtlands
Belrat the Bloodcloud35MistwalkerScarwood Reach
Deathweaver35SpiderIPP, Moonshade, Druoghtlands
Ferrite35Iron GolemIPP, Moonshade, Druoghtlands
Flamewake35Harpy?IPP, Moonshade, Druoghtlands
Ganel35Diamond GolemScarwood Reach
Gedal35SobekIPP, Moonshade, Druoghtlands
Gha'unta35SiltreaverScarwood Reach
Globulous35Water ElementalScarwood Reach
Hulonk35Hill GiantIPP, Moonshade, Druoghtlands
Ightild35RazorbeastScarwood Reach
Inatai the Unliving35LornScarwood Reach
Isanga35RamIPP, Moonshade, Druoghtlands
Mk VIIX A v2.035LodebrinkIPP, Moonshade, Druoghtlands
Model 35L35construct?Scarwood Reach
Moldermound35ShamblerIPP, Moonshade, Druoghtlands
Nus35OrelingScarwood Reach
Render, Hound of Death35BarghestIPP, Moonshade, Druoghtlands
Renih35AnubianIPP, Moonshade, Druoghtlands
Rhuardar, Scourge of Scarwood35DrakeScarwood Reach
Ril'ash the Chained35undead?Scarwood Reach
Rynnysa35NagaScarwood Reach
Sapiheci35Air ElementalIPP, Moonshade, Druoghtlands
Soulquake35Earth ElementalIPP, Moonshade, Druoghtlands
Tas'toni35Badger?Scarwood Reach
The Executioner35SkeletonIPP, Moonshade, Druoghtlands
The Walker35Fleshly UndeadScarwood Reach
Umcha the Claw35Hunting CatScarwood Reach
Waveracer35SeacapIPP, Moonshade, Druoghtlands
Mos'osy the All-Seeing50CyclopsShimmer, Stillmoore, Ember
Ackttan50DragonianShimmer, Stillmoore, Ember
En-Emrak50CephalonShimmer, Stillmoore, Ember
Isyer the Burning50DevilShimmer, Stillmoore, Ember
Quaetad50BoglingShimmer, Stillmoore, Ember
Urnkalit50CentaurShimmer, Stillmoore, Ember
Urntny the Soul Cleaver50DemonShimmer, Stillmoore, Ember
Zujane50WhelpShimmer, Stillmoore, Ember
Augh-ech60Dragon TurtleStorm Legion
Ia'raki60ImpStorm Legion
Ildtai60CoyoteStorm Legion
Imaw60Thresher(but drops Razormaw)Storm Legion
Isyer the Thuderer60TramplerStorm Legion
Kitty the Souldrinker60CatStorm Legion
Lortas60LichStorm Legion
Ogaro60TerrormawStorm Legion
Rak'say the Demolisher60ArchitectStorm Legion
Ruawbur60CrocodileStorm Legion
Shallows60Deep OneStorm Legion
Shyuang the Icestorm60DragonStorm Legion
Tor'garo60MutantStorm Legion
Uskghao the Fleshmelder60ShaperStorm Legion
Ydogo The Outcast60OgreStorm Legion


Appendix B: Achievements
Are You Insane?!
Collect 100 Bounties... you crazy person...
So Much Death...
Collect 80 Bounties
30The Inescapable
The Most Dangerous Game
Collect the Bounties on all Callings.
Cleric Slayer
Collect all the Bounties on Clerics.
20The Cleric Slayer
Look at All These Parts
Collect 40 Bounties
20Seasoned Bounty Hunter
Lots of Time and Things to Kill
Collect 60 Bounties
20The Fugitive Finder
Mage Slayer
Collect all the Bounties on Mages.
20The Mage Slayer
Rogue Slayer
Collect all the Bounties on Rogues.
20The Rogue Slayer
Warrior Slayer
Collect all the Bounties on Warriors.
20The Warrior Slayer
Collect the Bounty on Archons.
Collect the Bounty on Assassins.
Collect the Bounty on Bards.
Collect the Bounty on Beastmasters.
Collect the Bounty on Bladedancers.
Collect the Bounty on Cabalists.
Collect the Bounty on Champions.
Collect the Bounty on Chloromancers.
Collect the Bounty on Defilers.
Collect the Bounty on Dominators.
Collect the Bounty on Druids.
Character > Bounties
Collect the Bounty on Harbingers.
I'll Take Pleasure in Guttin' You... Boy...
Collect 20 Bounties
10Bounty Hunter
Collect the Bounty on Inquisitors.
Collect the Bounty on Justicars.
Collect the Bounty on Marksmen.
My Little Bounties
Collect 10 Bounties
10Novice Bounty Hunter
Collect the Bounty on Necromancers.
Collect the Bounty on Nightblades.
Collect the Bounty on Paladins.
Collect the Bounty on Paragons.
Collect the Bounty on Purifiers.
Collect the Bounty on Pyromancers.
Collect the Bounty on Rangers.
Collect the Bounty on Reavers.
Collect the Bounty on Riftblades.
Collect the Bounty on Riftstalkers.
Collect the Bounty on Saboteurs.
Collect the Bounty on Sentinels.
Collect the Bounty on Shamans.
Character > BountiesInitiate Bounty Hunter
Collect the Bounty on Stormcallers.
Collect the Bounty on Tacticians.
Collect the Bounty on Tempests.
Void Knight
Collect the Bounty on Void Knights.
Collect the Bounty on Wardens.
Collect the Bounty on Warlocks.
Collect the Bounty on Warlords.




Appendix C: Additional Resources

Notes and Alternate Resources

Name of Source Material Author
Google Sheets Most Wanted Totec@Greybriar
Bounty Achievements at Magelo Magelo
Rift Forum Bounty Thread Community
Rift Most Wanted Google Sheet Dyrabyra@Zaviel

Sheets Spreed sheet Screenshot (PDF) Document

View a Live Tracker on Google Docs


Appendix D: Guide History
  1. 26 – 31 September 2018 Initial draft completed from a previous unpublished version
  2. 3-5 October 2018, Reformatting, Verifying Spawns, Updating
  3. 6 October 2018: Guide Released as a Work in Progress
  4. 9 October 2018: Guide Posted on Discord, updated Contents section for this and Part 1; Added personal tracker as example
  5. 10 October 2018: Added in Quick Jump Bar at bottom of screen due to length of guide
  6. 17 October 2018: Added note about locations personally verified and updated. Will not add to history on future verification’s, Updated some zones in which the formatting and went kaboom.
  7. 8 November 2018  Clarified several passages. Updated some misc. zone data.Added a second row to each appendix table, swapped Appendix C and D


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