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Mana. Sorcery. Power. Most long to control the energies of the elemental planes, but few have the requisite skill. As a Mage, you will wield devastating spells, otherworldly summons, healing, and – for the melee-inclined – magical sword and scythe.

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Soul and Guide Overview

Arbiter: A Tank based class   Dream Soul Pack
The Arbiter is a mage who taunts and torments enemies with storms and brushes off their attacks with shields of ice. This is a fully functioning tank class for all content from leveling dungeons to the latest raids. The arbiter uses the same weapon as any other mage role would. Leveling – Average
Endgame Solo – Low
PvP – Low
Raiding – High
Archon: Most desired support class in Rift Original
When not hurling volcanic bombs and granite missiles, the Archon is busy siphoning opponents’ strength and vitality, converting it to buffs for self and party. The Archon is known for its raid friendly buffs that seem to surpass every other class and make Archon the king of support roles.

Archon – Chloromancer – Warlcck

Leveling – Average
Endgame Solo – Average
PvP – Average
Raiding – High
Chloromancer: Single target, tank or raid healing soul. Original
Calling upon the great forces of nature, Chloromancers can use their powers to lash enemies and mend entire groups. The amount of healing forced from nature is determined by how much restoration to it you deal with damage to its enemies and life blood.This restoration power can be focused into one strong ally or blow over quite a few allies.

Leveling – Average/High
Endgame Solo – Medium
PvP – Medium
Raiding – Medium
Dominator:  A ranged controlling and debuffing class Original
Masters over mind and will, Dominators terrorize and transform their opponents, leaving them unable or unwilling to act. The fury the release upon their terrified enemies surpasses almost all other known ways of stripping away your enemies defenses. Leveling – Low
Endgame Solo – Low
Pvp – High
Raiding – Low
Elementalist: Ranged based single or cleave damage Original
No plane is safe from the trained Elementalist, master of the energies (and elemental companions) of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. The Elementist focuses their will to deliver powerful sprays of missiles to one or many targets as quickly as possible.

Elementalist – Chloromancer – Dominator

Elementalist – Pyromancer – Dominator

Leveling – High
Endgame Solo – High
PvP- High
Raiding – High
Harbinger: Melee Based damage and some healing Storm Legion
Wielding conjured blades and arcane defenses, the Harbinger spells doom for enemies in close combat By turning their wooden stave into a powerful Scythe imbued with magical properties magi use their intellect to select doomed enemies weakest points and exploit them.

Harbinger – Chloromancer – Arbiter

Leveling – High
Endgame Solo – High
PvP – Low
Raiding – High
Necromancer: Pet Class that has variety of uses but mostly damage Original
Surrounded by a variety of undead minions, the Necromancer is free to ply twisted magics that siphon life over time. They freely converse with dead spirits and rip them from the Ethereal Planes to do their bidding as nasty spirits who inflict great wounds or lost and mourning souls who will tender infested wounds of your allies. Leveling – High
Endgame Solo – Average
PvP – Low
Raiding – Low/Average
Pyromancer: Ranged Single with some Cleave Damage Original
Fire burns in the eyes of a true Pyromancer, one who’s happiest when hurling fireballs and trapping enemies in walls of flame. The flame obsessed magi has lost real touch with most of the world and obsesses in making the world burn.

Pyromancer – Warlock – Elementalist

Pyromancer – Arbiter – Harbinger

Leveling – High
Endgame Solo – High
PvP – High
Raiding – High
Stormcaller: Ranged Single target  and Area Damage Original
Stormcallers channel the powers of wind and water to freeze, blast, and electrify whole hosts of opponents at once. They call forth currents of divine winds and water to be blasted upon those who would seek to do them harm destroying as many at a time as possible.
Leveling – Low
Endgame Solo – Low
PvP – Low
Raiding – Low

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