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Do you walk the path of the faithful? As a Cleric, you will command powers as varied as Telara’s patron deities, healing grievous injuries, fortifying allies, defiling enemies, or charging with chain and hammer into the front lines of war.


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Notes Top Specs
  • The Cleric Tank is the only one in Rift who can rez as a tank.
  • Runeshaper is a paid addon soul that is only really useful for its 5 point abilities as an offsoul
  1. Druid – Inquisitor – Oracle
  2. EZ Shaman – Druid – Oracle
  3. Inquisitor-Druid-Runeshaper Guide
DPS Cleric Rankings AoE Cleric Rankings 
  1. Druid – Inquisitor – Oracle
  2. Shaman -Druid- Oracle
  3. Inquisitor – Druid – Runeshaper
  4. Inquisitor – Cabalist- Sentinel
  1. Shaman -Druid- Oracle
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Discord Channel Guides Other Information
  • Primary Stat: Wisdom 
  • Secondary StatIntelligence
  • Two Handed Hammer for all roles besides tanking
  • One Handed Mace and Shield for tanking


Soul and Guide Overview

Cabalist: Ranged AoE Damage Dealer   Original
Cabalists use ritual and sigil to call forth seeping death and suffocating water. They are almost exclusively a ranged area of effect damage dealer, which also includes some AoE utilities such as stun and a mass purge. Cabalist use since 4.0 as a full calling since its damage is so poor, worse than almost every other classes single target. Leveling – Low
Endgame Solo – Low
Player Vs. Player – Low
Raiding – Fail
Defiler: Ranged mixed damage dealer with healing  Storm Legion
Defilers afflict their opponents with blights and rot They are classified as a support/healer by Trion however there healing is limited in scope since a past rework of the entire soul. They are used often for their abilities to intercept tank damage and as a off soul. Leveling – Low
Endgame Solo – Low
Player Vs. Player – Low
Raiding – Average
Druid: A pet wielding single target damage dealer Original
Druid uses its connection with nature to inflict damage alongside its summoned Fae pet who is capable of ranged or melee damage, taking or healing. Druid has very few raged or Area capabilities and suffers from issues with disconnecting in fights. However, on fights where this does not to be worried about its damage output can be top tier for Cleric.

Druid-Inquisitor-Oracle Guide

Leveling – High
Endgame Solo – High
Player Vs. Player – Low
Raiding – Average
Inquisitor:  Ranged Single Target Damage Original
Inquisitors include the administration of pain, corruption of blood, and deliverance of divine wrath to damage enemies. They have the highest ranged target damage of any Cleric soul, an interrupt and a purge. Inquisitors biggest drawback is that a significant amount of debuffs must be kept on the target to maintain their damage output.

Inquisitor-Druid-Runeshaper Guide

Inquisitor – Cabalist – Sentinel

Inquisitor – Druid – Runeshaper July 18 Format

Leveling – Average
Endgame Solo – Average
Player Vs. Player – Average
Raiding – Average/High
Justicar: Full Fledged tank Original
Justicars fight, tank, and heal in the vanguard, building conviction that inspires and heals allies with each swing of their hammers. Justicars are the only tank who can with a full 61 points battle rez a fellow player. They also have high damage for a tank.

Justicar Tank and Healer Combo Guide

Comprehensive Justicar Tanking Guide

Leveling – High
Endgame Solo – Low
Player Vs. Player – Low
Raiding – High
Purifier: A Shield based healer Original
The immense powers of Life and Fire flow through Purifiers, healers who specialize in magical shields and wards. These healer specializing in preventing damage by placing absorb shields on there targets. Due to this fights should normally be known in advance. Leveling – Low
Endgame Solo – Low
Player Vs. Player – Low
Raiding – Average
Sentinel: A tank healer that focuses on restoring lost health Original
Sentinels excel at healing both individuals and groups, spreading the blessings of light and grace to injured Ascended. These are reactive healers with little shielding and little group heals. They do, however excel in PvP healing. Leveling – Low
Endgame Solo – Low
Player Vs. Player – Average/High
Raiding – Low
Shaman: A melee based cleaving single target damage dealer Original
Raw and potent elemental forces power Shamans’ melee attacks, transforming them into mace-wielding dervishes on the front lines of battle. Shaman is probably the Clerics most versatile offensive role currently and has the highest single and area of effect damage.

Shaman-Druid-Oracle Guide

Leveling – High
Endgame Solo – High
Player Vs. Player – High
Raiding – High
Warden: A group and raid wide healer Original
Calling upon the soothing power of water to heal and fortify allies over time, the Warden is invaluable in prolonged and dangerous fights. Warden is strong at healing raid wide damage and has many heal over time abilities available. Leveling – Low
Endgame Solo – Low
Player Vs. Player – Low
Raiding – High

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