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Popular Addons

  Addons For Rift A listing of several  of the best Addons avialable Rift has a robust system that allows for the use of addons. Addons are player created tools that interlace and act as an actual part of the game. This allows a variety of different options, automation and displays that


 Rift Glossary Guide History AoE Acronym. See Area of Effect Ascended Soul Pack A package in the Rift store that offers the souls of Runeshaper, Warchanter, Maelstrom, Shadeborn and Frostkeeper Assassin (Rogue) A single target damage soul for rogue that uses poisons to deal damage Arbiter (Mage) A tanking soul

Rift Macro Guide V2

Rift Macro Guide  Caddern@Deepwood Created 1 Feb 2018, Updated 2 May 18 What is a Macro?     For many of the people today macros are an everyday word. They are used in all sorts of computer programs from office to excel and have had their definitions expanded to other