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Chronicles in Rift   Contents of this Guide Contents of this Guide Introduction The Good and Bad Chronicles: Mechanics and Systems Appendix A: Other Resources This guide is about the events known as Chronicles in Rift.         Introduction Introduction When Rift first started out as a MMO


 Artifacts in Rift   Contents of this Guide Contents of this Guide Introduction The Artifact Interface Collecting Artifacts Collecting Artifacts The Artifact Fields Turning in a Completed Set Twisted Artifacts Unstable and Bounty Artifacts Poison, Burning and Nightmare Artifacts What Spawns Where They Become Harder Appendix A: Other Resources This

Most Wanted Bounties: Storm Legion

Most Wanted are monsters that spawn throughout Telara. They have escaped from the Flat Yard, a prison for vile monsters who have been captured. When you slay one of these enemies they drop an artifact you can collect. Once collecting five of these, three epic and two relic, they may be turned in for rewards in Tempest Bay. These same artifact sets may also be collected from defeating enemies in PvP. There are 153 total bounty sets to collect. This is part two of a two part series.

Summerfest Overview

 Rift Summerfest 2018 Guide     Summerfest is a yearly world event held typically in July-August that offers its own currency for items unique to this event as well as lots of achievements and collectibles. It has three phases to it that each have a different specific element and quests