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Archon – Chloromancer Play Variants

BETA:DRAFT ONLY  Archon – Chloromancer Play Variants Version 4.5 [Live] Level [70] Support with healing  builds capable of  raiding, group and open world .Original can be found here.   THINGS TO COMPLETE: ALL ROTATIONS Mixing buffs with other supports/support complements Fix all Anchors and referenced links   Contents of this Guide Contents of

Mystic – Primal Lord – Vulcanist

 Mystic 19 ◊ Primal Lord 10 ◊ Vulcanist 10 A v4.5 Level 70 raiding support role that is also able to deliver a high amount of damage. Overview Build and Rotation Macros Karuul Alerts Appendixes Contents of this Guide Overview of the Build Build and Rotation Legendary and Mastery Points Copy Macros and Karuul