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Guides for the Cleric Calling

EZ Shaman – Druid – Oracle

 Shaman 61 ◊ Druid 10 ◊ Oracle 5 A Level 70 Damage Dealing Live Version capable 70 Raiding. Our EZ Guides provide simple, direct and convenient builds for anyone. These are not the best possible setups or rotations. Contents of this Guide Overview of the Build Build and Rotation Legendary and Mastery Points Copy Macros

Cleric Run Speed Spec

This is a build that is focused on the Cleric who wants to run very fast. Who needs damage, healing or anything else? Just run! This is not a soul build that is designed for leveling, dungeons, raiding or even player versus player (PVP). This is a spec designed to

Inquisitor – Druid – Runeshaper

“Inquisitors are offensive clerics who specialize in the ministering of pain. They channel there divine wrath into individuals they deem worth of punishment, turning there enemies’ own wickedness against them.”    This build requires Runeshaper, an additional soul that is purchased from Rift. Free to Play can use Inquisitor – Cabalist

Justicar – A Comprehensive Guide

 Justicar’s are defensive clerics who excel at fighting shoulder to shoulder with their allies in close combat. There conviction builds with each swing of their weapon, allowing them to unleash potent healing and damage around them.   About This Guide If you have tanked before and just want up to