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Marksman – Nightblade – Ranger

This build and guide has been superseded by new guide. Change your links. Marksmen 61 (NB/RNG) Marksmen are offensive sharpshooters who ae trained to think the enemy ranks with ruthless efficiency. They combine swift hit and run atttacks with devasting volleys, endlessly harrainst heri opoonents leaving behind a field of

Harbinger 61 – Chloromancer 9 – Arbiter 6

This guide has been superseded.Visit the new guide.   Harbingers are offensive mages who deal damage from melee range. Utilizing brutal melee attacks the Harbinger is able to weave powerful spells into there combat flow. Contents & Overview Harbinger 61 – Chloromancer 9 – Arbiter 6  Requires This build focuses

Assassin – Sabotuer – Ranger

Assassins are offensive rogues who have mastered the art of subtlety and subterfuge, they stalk the shadows bypassing obstacles to launch devastating surprise attacks. Those who survive the intiial assault will rapidly find themselvesfalling prey to their virulent poisons. Contents & Overview Assassin 61 – Sabotuer 11 – Ranger 4

61 Nightblade 11 Ranger 4 Saboteur

This Guide is in Archives because it has been superseded by a new guide.   The Nightblade is an offensive rogue who mixes arcane powers with steel for deadly efficiency. Cloaked in shadow they rely on precise strikes of the blade and the cold fires of death to leave naught