Beta Guide

Guides For Rift – Beta Guide What is a Beta Guide? A Beta Guide on Guides For Rift is a guide that is currently in development but has been published on our website for the public to use or review. Why is it public if it is not complete? Many

Valentines in Telara

Rift Celebrates 8 Years of Love (Updated 6 Feb 2019) This is the 8th time we have celebrated. Yes, 8 years. Were you playing Rift in 2012? Do you remember all the fun we had marrying people on Valentines day in the attempt to set a new world record for


Blogs That Entertain Blog – Rantings -Contact – Weekly – Sporadic Max Dam Rift – General MaxDam: First Post! – Jan 2, 19 Meet our newest unsolicited, unwanted and forced to publish blogger. MaxDam is a hardcore self proclaimed”gangster raider” who meets his match his first night with mexican mice,