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 Rift News and Updates News, updates and any other information that we deliver on as needed basis.   News Contents Index Carnival of the Ascended 21 March 2019 Carnival of the Ascended Announcment 20 March 2019 Update on Updates 28 February 2019 Enclave of Ahnknet Expert Dungeon 24 February 2019

Warden 61 Sentinel, 10 Oracle

  Warden 61  ◊ 10 Sentinel◊ 5 Oracle A v4.5 Level 70 Healing  Role capable of raiding all tiers Overview Build and Rotation Macros Karuul Alerts Appendixes Contents of this Guide Overview of the Build Build and Rotation The Build Points Legendary and Mastery Points Copy Macros and Karuul Alerts Buffs and

Raid_Rift PoA

Raid Rifts are designed to be challenging to a group of 20 characters. In the current iteration which is covered here they are designed to reward the Best In Slot greater and lesser essences. They also have several different quests, both weekly and daily, that reward currency that is used in gear available from vendors. Learn more about them, the rewards, finding or putting together a party and more.