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Shaman (Raid)
Full Justicar Guide
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Vulcanist/PL [21-18] (Raid)
Molten Wave/Fury Blast
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Nightblade (Raid)
Marksman (Raid)
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Friday, Jan 11, 2019     The new development team is reaching out to the player base for feedback on running and hosting in game events. Visit the forums to show your feedback!.

Newest Additions: Activities in Rift ♦  The Wardocle ♦ Harbinger Guide ♦ Archon-Chloro Variants ♦ Full Druid ♦ Chronicles ♦ Artifacts ♦  Mystic 14 – Primal Lord 16 – Vulcanist 9 –Support: Mystic – Primal Lord – Vulcanist ♦ EZ: Shaman-Druid-Oracle, Mystic-Dervish-Maelstrom ♦ Marksman-Nightblade-Ranger  ♦  Molten Wave and Fury Blast Overview 

 Reviewing: Activities in Rift ♦ The Wardocle Harbinger-Chloro-Arbiter ♦ see more…

Accessing Event Items

Harbinger 61- Chloromancer 9 – Arbiter 6


Listing of General Guides Here 

Coming Soon!

Yes, they are, when I have time to finish each
 Activities in Rift ♦  Currency Farming ♦  Druidalist the Easy Way: Druid – Cabalist – Oracle ♦ Paladin The Holy Tank ♦ A Comprehensive Tanking Guide ♦ Arbiter ♦ Quick Transports ♦ PoA Raid Rifts ♦ Useful Rift Knowledge ♦ 

 Do you know that Rift is an MMO but have no idea what there is to do in game besides quest? Check out our activities overview.

Quick!:   Planar Frags ♦  Wanted Macros  ♦  SL Wanted Macros
Popular Specs: 21-18 Primalist  ♦ Shaman-Druid-Oracle     Marksmen – Night – Ranger
Run Speed  Cleric  ♦  Mage  ♦  Primalist  ♦   Rogue
Artifacts  Artifact Intro and Primer  ♦  Bounty Level 1-50   ♦  Bounty 51-60  ♦  Unstable Hunting

Primal Lord 21 – Vulcanist 18 – 0 Maelstrom – Old Version

EZ Shaman – Druid – Oracle


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