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   The new staff continues to chirp while we await any real kind of update. 6 Feb 19 was the largest update since Gamigo took over with nerfs to legendary abilities in all raids [tanks no longer require 61 points to tank] and additional functions for addons in dimensions. 

Newest Additions
51MM 23 NB 2 Sin  ♦  Most Wanted: Total Edition♦  Blogs Section ♦  Activities in Rift  ♦ The Wardocle  ♦  Harbinger Guide  ♦  Archon-Chloro Variants♦ Chronicles  ♦  Artifacts  ♦  Molten Wave and Fury Blast

 Activities in Rift  ♦  The Wardocle ♦  Harbinger-Chloro-Arbiter  ♦  see more…

Accessing Event Items

Most Wanted and Bounty Artifacts: Total Edition


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 Most Read and Requested
  • Our BountyTracker Addon may be downloaded as a beta. The current release has some missing monsters and is being updated! Help us by downloading installing, testing and leaving feedack al on the addon page now
  • Do you know that Rift is an MMO but have no idea what there is to do in game besides quest? Check out our activities overview.

Quick!:   Planar Frags ♦  Wanted Macros  ♦  SL Wanted Macros
Popular Specs: 21-18 Primalist  ♦ Shaman-Druid-Oracle     Marksmen – Night – Ranger
Run Speed  Cleric  ♦  Mage  ♦  Primalist  ♦   Rogue
Artifacts  Artifact Intro and Primer  ♦  Bounty Level 1-50   ♦  Bounty 51-60  ♦  Unstable Hunting

Marksmen 51 – Nightblade 23 – Assassin 2

Shaman – Druid – Oracle


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As a note to our readers. We attempt to do the best we can. These guides may not cover everything at a 100 percent level. For example, class guides may not be the perfect build and rotation. If you are at the level where you can be a top .001 player then no guide out there will help you a ton. We put these up to help and to spread information.