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(Mar. 11) Spring approaches, and so does the Carnival of the Ascended. Telarans are eagerly awaiting The Carnival of Ascended slated for a March 21, 2019 release! The GFR site also has some incoming PvP builds we have been compiling.

While there has been no recent updates on live, there have been updates to the PTS focusing on the new expert dungeon, Enclave of Ahnket. Gear with stats, with the exception of hit, has been introduced that will bring players at least raid ready. Each piece of gear that drops in the dungeon has an upgrade path that should bring hit up to par.

Another introduction has been runes….    read more

Newest Addition
Warden: 61 Raid Healer ♦  Transportation in Rift ♦Raid Rifts in SFP  ♦ 51MM 23 NB 2 Sin  ♦  Most Wanted: Total Edition♦  Blogs Section ♦  Activities in Rift  ♦ The Wardocle  ♦  Harbinger Guide  ♦  Archon-Chloro Variants♦ Chronicles  ♦  Artifacts  ♦  Molten Wave and Fury Blast

 ♦ Transportation in Rift ♦ Activities in Rift  ♦  The Wardocle ♦  Harbinger-Chloro-Arbiter  ♦  see more…

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Most Wanted and Bounty Artifacts: Total Edition


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New Players! Things to do in Rift How to Get aroundGet Event items All Year

    Our BountyTracker Addon may be downloaded as a beta. The current release has some very minor missing pieces and is being updated! Help us by downloading installing, testing and leaving feedback atl on the addon page now.We don’t care if the feedback is all negative, we really want it!

Quick:   Planar Frags ♦  Wanted Macros  ♦  SL Wanted Macros
Popular Specs: 21-18 Primalist  ♦ Shaman-Druid-Oracle     Marksmen – Night – Ranger
Run Speed  Cleric  ♦  Mage  ♦  Primalist  ♦   Rogue
Artifacts  Artifact Intro and Primer  ♦  Bounty Level 1-50   ♦  Bounty 51-60  ♦  Unstable Hunting

Warden 61 Sentinel, 10 Oracle

Marksmen 51 – Nightblade 23 – Assassin 2

Shaman – Druid – Oracle


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As a note to our readers. We attempt to do the best we can. These guides may not cover everything at a 100 percent level. For example, class guides may not be the perfect build and rotation. If you are at the level where you can be a top .001 player then no guide out there will help you a ton. We put these up to help and to spread information.