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    Since the end of the year is coming we decided to post our years current top guides. In our Most Popular section (to the right) you will notice that we have Primal Lord – Vulcanist – Maelstrom as one of our top guides on GFR. This current one we have added in a youtube video by Jake Jung, Check it out! Also we have Shaman – Druid – Oracle and 61 Marksmen – Nightblade – Ranger. The links we have put are for the newest versions of these guides, as there may have been multiple iterations of each.

   The Most Popular Guides themselves are actually the Most Wanted Guides, which is not really surprising since there are almost no other guides out there that show the locations of all the Most Wanted Mobs.

  A new stub (more to be added) has been added entitled Artifacts. Much of the guide is complete so it has been posted. It still needs to be fully fleshed out but we wanted to have what is available up.

   Out with Trion,.. In with Gamigo: Current Rundown: Some thoughts by the editors here on the transition from the now defunct Trion Corp to German Based Gamigo.

Wardocle and Tactbard bulds should be up in the next few days. These are full comprehensive guides!These will be followed by Riftblade, Paragon, EZ Paladin, Warden, Physician, Chloromancer. In addition there are several currently that are slightly different builds but points make a big difference builds, mostly in tanking and healing. 

Newest Additions:  Artifacts   Mystic 14 – Primal Lord 16 – Vulcanist 9 – Support: Mystic – Primal Lord – Vulcanist  EZ: Shaman-Druid-Oracle,  Mystic-Dervish-Maelstrom ♦ Marksman-Nightblade-Ranger    Molten Wave and Fury Blast Overview 

A Guide to Damage and Time
Callweddi Village
Index of GFR
Importing Karuul Alerts
Links to Resources
Minions Guide
Molten Wave and Fury Blast Overview
Most Wanted Bounties Artifacts Mathosia
Most Wanted Bounties Artifacts Storm Legion
Planar Fragments
Popular Addons
Rift Macros V2.0
Summerfest Overview
Tanking Tips
The Great Mathosian Scavenger Hunt
Unstable Artifacts
Warfronts Overview
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Mystic * Primal Lord * Vulcanist: A Damage Dealing Support ♦ Activities in Rift ♦ Mystic DPS and Archon Support ♦ Currency Farming ♦ Chronicles ♦ Druidalist the Easy Way: Druid – Cabalist – Oracle ♦ Tanking-101-Pulling ♦ Paladin New Player Friendly ♦ A Comprehensive Tanking Guide ♦ Arbiter ♦ Quick Transports 
Raid_Rift PoA ♦ Useful Rift Knowledge ♦ GFR Tanking

Popular Sections:   Planar Frags ♦  Wanted Macros  ♦  SL Wanted Macros
Popular Guides:      Planar Fragments ♦ Most Wanted Part One, ♦ Most WantedPart Two
Popular Specs:         21-18 Primal-Vulca Primalist   Shaman-Druid-Oracle     Marksmen – Night – Ranger
Run Speed Guides   Cleric  Mage Primalist   Rogue
Artifact Guides:      Artifact Foundations Bounty Level 1-50 Bounty 51-60  Unstables

Most Popular Guides

Most Wanted and Bounty Artifacts, Mathosian Ed.

Most Wanted Bounties: Storm Legion

Most Popular Builds

Primal Lord 21 – Vulcanist 18 – 0 Maelstrom – Old Version

EZ Shaman – Druid – Oracle


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